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Working with groups and organizations to overcome challenges, find purpose and create next-level results.

"Everyone left our convention inspired to improve and prepared to succeed.
Jason was a terrific investment."
Michael Cann
President & CEO, Whidby Island Bank

Are you looking for a speaker with a powerful story that will motivate your people to perform at the highest level?

Are you looking for a speaker who provides real ideas so your people aren't just inspired at the meeting, but can turn that inspiration into tangible results?

Are you looking for a speaker who can combine humor and heart, customized with your needs and goals into a talk

your people will remember and a meeting that they'll be talking about all year?  If so, then

has done just that on the most prestigious platforms all across the world. Jason has a unique ability to tell a powerful story, filled with humor and heart and then use that story to teach a lesson or strategy to his audience that they can use in their own lives to net real results. 

Participants leave Jason's presentations dedicated to turning their dreams and desires into goals with results.  With properly set goals and established accountability, people reach their personal goals while companies see INCREASED SALES, PROFITS & MARKET SHARE.

Participants gain a belief that they can do hard things.  This motivates them both individually and as groups to take another look at goals previously believed to be unreachable, which leads to EMPOWERED PEOPLE WITH A RENEWED CONFIDENCE WHO SET NEW STANDARDS.

Jason uses your group's goals and objectives in his presentations so that participants leave with a SHARED VISION & NEW COMMITMENT TO ACHIEVE COLLECTIVE GOALS.

Jason's presentations motivate participants to serve others and be mindful of the needs of those they interact with.  This servant mindset brings an empathy and compassion to teams ans groups which results in IMPROVED CULTURE AND TEAMS THAT WORK TOGETHER.

Participants in Jason's presentations gain a powerful sense of gratitude and they become dedicated to finding opportunities in their lives.  This attitude leads to IMPROVED MANAGEMENT, DECISION MAKING, AND PRODUCTIVITY.

Jason's presentation is filled with ideas on finding success in every aspect of a person's life.  This motivates participants to improve their work/life balance which results in GREATER EMPLOYEE LOYALTY, LOWER TURNOVER, AND IMPROVED COMPETETIVNES. 

Jason's presentations are fun, filled with humor and usually one of the highest rated speakers at the conferences he attends. This leads to RECHARGED ORGANIZATIONS FILLED WITH IMPROVED ATTITUDES AND HIGHER OVERALL MORALE.



Send us your info and a little about what you are looking for and someone from Jason's team will get back to you ASAP.

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On May 24, 2019, Jason passed away.  However, his story continues.  Click HERE to learn more about Jason's legacy. 
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